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De-sulphuring for Bunker Fuel

Sulphur Removal From Heavy Fuel Oil to Compliant Marine Fuel

With impending IMO rules on allowable sulphur content in exhaust gas from all ships above 500 gross tons, the search for efficient and cost effective systems to permit high sulphur bunkers to be used has reached a new level of urgency. The adoption of a .5% open ocean maximum sulphur content by 2020 is forcing ship owners to address this problem at once.

Options like burning Marine Gas Oil (MGO) or Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) will basically double the fuel cost for most ships. The other popular option is to install scrubbers (costing millions of dollars per unit) which will take the Sulphur out of the exhaust gas before it is discharged to the atmosphere.
There is another option 
De-Sul® is a system which removes almost all the sulphur from regular HFO and IFO bunker fuels.
De-Sul® is a comprehensive shore based system for the removal of sulphur from heavy fuel oil (HFO) such that it becomes compliant with IMO regulation on the maximum allowable level of sulphur permitted both for open ocean and environment control areas (ECA) after January 1, 2020.  Sulphur levels will be reduced to as low as 400 ppm, a level lower than the required .1% requirement under the IMO rule.
The shore based De-Sul® system has been independently verified with reports from international third parties. 
The Black Box is the heart of the shore based system. The technology that the Black Box contains is proprietary and protected trade secret. Any attempt to open the sealed Black Box will result in the meltdown the proprietary control system rendering the unit inoperable. 
Shore based De-Sul® is a modular system. Each unit is capable of processing 500 Mt of HFO per day with a minimal average annual utilization of 300 days per year. Multiple De-Sul® modules can be linked to increase the production volume.




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