Fuel Grooming


Inline de-sulphuring for bunker fuel

With impending IMO rules on allowable sulphur content in exhaust gas from all ships above 500 gross tons, the search for efficient and cost effective systems to permit high sulphur bunkers to be used has reached a new level of urgency. The adoption of a .5% open ocean maximum sulphur content by 2020 is forcing ship owners to address this problem at once.


Options like burning Marine Gas Oil (MGO) or Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) will basically double the fuel cost for most ships. The other popular option is to install scrubbers (costing millions of dollars per unit) which will take the Sulphur out of the exhaust gas before it is discharged to the atmosphere.

De-Sul® is an inline fuel grooming system which removes almost all the sulphur from regular HFO and IFO bunker fuels, with a minimum of complication and power requirement. The system enables bunker fuel to be burned without the use of a scrubber in order to comply with discharge regulations.

The De-Sul® fits on the fuel delivery line and has a small footprint and can be installed in a matter of days unlike scrubbers which typically take weeks to fit. Payback on investment is typically less than 2 years and the ability to fuel at almost every port in the world allows freedom from the expected shortages of compliant low sulphur fuels.






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