Tide and Ocean Turbine Electrical Production


The Hologen is a unique vertical axis-orbital rotational turbine specifically designed for the marine environment.

This is a drag propelled device which rotates at lower blade speed than the flow rate of the tides or river. The slow hub speed is geared up to be a series of normal cut gears to attain rates that allow it to spin a large electrical generator and so produce domestic voltage.
The advantage of this type of generator are:

  • Few moving parts (typically 4)
  • Shallow water does not pose a problem because the rotation disc is flat and horizontal.
  • Massive torque from hub.
  • Automatically finds and adjusts to the direction of flow (will change orientation to accommodate ebbing and flowing tide without intervention)
  • Does not damage aquatic life (the blades move at slightly higher velocity than the water flow speed.)
  • Enhances the marine environment (the area around the turbine cannot be actively fished with nets or lines and so these circular areas become physically protected habitats.
  • Absolutely reliable power. Tide tables can predict the tide flow rates for years into the future with great accuracy.  
  • The Hologen can be sized to the fit the requirements of the demand or the tidal area accessible.  A limit of approximately 1000mtrs in diameter is achievable using neutral buoyancy steel blades.
  • Very low maintenance
  • Extremely small shore footprint (limited to a simple power distribution station). Patent pending.       



This is the deep water version of the Hologen. It is a subsurface buoyant installation which is anchored in position to the ocean floor. The turbine is positioned at the most productive depth in the water column.

Subcategory of this product includes the upwelling halogen which converts electrical power into browns gas and allows the gas to rise to the surface in a tube. This lift brings cool water from the depths with it and cools the surface temperature of the ocean. Cooler surface water retards the development of tropical rotational storms and hurricanes, or reduces the severity of these storms dramatically. They can be positioned on known hurricane track approaches to populated areas such as the Gulf of Mexico approaches to Galviston and New Orleans     



Just as the pinwheel can be driven by wind and then in turn can be driven from the hub to become a propeller, so too the Hologen can be driven from it's hub to become the Holoprop system. Two Holoprops are used in combination to allow 360-degree thrust vectoring with an intuitive steering mechanism.

The advantages of this propeller system are:

  • Shallow water clearance.
  • Low-speed maneuverability
  • Power take off from conventional or electric drives.
  • Scalable to any vessel.
  • Simple engineering and servicing.
  • Ideal for autonomous vessels.  




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