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Ceramic Engine Lubrication Additive Coating Friction Reducer

Even the very best engine has its own internal friction that acts as the first resistance to producing power. The engine must first overcome friction in the cylinders, bearings and cranks before it can turn a propeller or gearbox.


Normal losses to engine friction is approximately 20% of the full load state of a large engine. This means that with a 50% reduction of this parasitic loss will result in a 10% reduction in fuel requirement to produce the same output.   

By blending Nanoscale ceramic spheres into a highly miscible oil additive it is possible to reduce this friction by as much as 50% in both four and two cycle engines. This additive has had many millions of hours of reliable service in almost every field of use.

Larger marine engines are now the last area to utilize this high-tech lubrication oil additive. Two stroke engines are also a great candidate for this product as the lubrication oil will eventually be consumed and the added lubrication will be extended to both sides of the piston.

The Ceramic does not score or polish the bores and will not have an adverse effect on the emissions from the engine.

We see this as being a critical early step to bringing all marine engines fuel burn down. It is recommended that the oil additive is used in combination with a Catalytic Fuel additive and the NG1 exhaust system.    




Tecflow Ceramic Engine Protector is a multi-functional full-synthetic based ceramic engine oil additive which, compared to all the existing ceramic- and PTFE based engine oil additives, is unique in concept and superior in properties. In addition to shear-stable polymers, anti-oxidants, detergents and corrosion inhibitors and “soft ceramic” particles Tecflow also contains a technically advanced combination of multi-organometallic complexes that reinforce the tribological properties of the ceramic additive.

This synergism guaranties effective engine lubrication under the most extreme conditions. It will reduce excessive engine wear to an absolute minimum. The high degree of bonding to the metal (polarity) results in a solid and unequalled molecular lubricating film on the most critical wear-sensitive parts of the engine. This not only prevents surfacing lubrication (metal to metal contact) but also ensures a rapid heat transfer. In addition to its polar properties Tecflow Ceramic Engine Protector also improves the load carrying capacity of the lube film.

Main Properties:

  • Increases engine output
  • Decreases engine wear
  • Reduces fuel and oil consumption
  • Improves load carrying capacity of the lube-film
  • Improves cold start
  • Prolongs engine lifetime
  • Reduces engine noise level
  • Reduces oil temperature

Test Results

After adding Ceramic Engine Protector, the engine power increases but between 60% and 85% load the power increases by 11% in this range.  TechFlow Ceramic reduces friction so the engine can deliver more power or conversely reduce the fuel consumption at for the same power output.  


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