Fuel Efficiency Monitoring Systems

We believe we can help reduce your fleet’s Green House Gas Emissions. Through our passion for ship technology we want to contribute to the preservation of our planet for the generations to come.

If you wish to significantly increase your profitability;

When global warming is your concern;

If you want your company to comply with IMO and other environmental regulations;

Then we have got the product for you!

A fuel and energy efficiency monitoring systems and analysis software for the shipping industry.

Our solutions work three-fold.

  1. Provide the captain and his officers with insight in the Key Process Indicators (KPI’s) that make up efficiency and with the tools to take immediate action to improve efficiency.
  2. Providing comprehensive (voyage) reports to the operations department to plan efficient voyages in regards of optimal cost and optimal fuel operations.
  3. Provide data information to the technical department for long term trend analyses in order to efficiently plan major maintenance and keep the fleet in perfect condition.

We work closely with well-respected suppliers in the Marine Industry. It is off absolute importance to have reliable sensors as it is the base of the system.

Where necessary we supply a complete package including all required sensors, meters and signal conditioners such as:

  • Fuel oil flow transmitters
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Power & torque meters
  • Generator load transmitters
  • E-motor load transmitters
  • Valve Position switches
  • NMEA converters for 
    • GPS
    • Speed log
    • Anemo meter
    • Echo sounder

The systems are of a modular design. From single engine monitoring up to twin propeller installations with full auxiliary generators & boilers monitoring included, some features are:

  • Single & twin propeller
  • up to 8 auxiliary consumers
  • “Uni fuel” executions
  • Registration of up to 3 different fuel oil types
  • LNG & dual fuel executions
  • Mass & volume flow meter connections
  • Diesel Electric

All signals are measured by means of PLC technology. The data is send over the ships Ethernet to the touch screen panel located in the navigation desk.

The measured data is presented on a touch screen panel located in the wheelhouse in an intuitive manner in three sections.

  • actual measurement
  • daily totals and averages
  • voyage totals & averages.

Various other tools and dashboards can be opened for quick overviews of the performance and efficiency of the complete vessel as well as individual consumers and components.

This allows for the officer of the watch to take immediate action to improve and adjust the efficiency. As a result,  significant fuel savings are made and emissions are reduced.

Some of the available screens are:

  • Overall fuel efficiency and ship performance
  • Propulsion systems
  • Operational cost
  • Propeller / propeller slip
  • Individual engines / consumers
  • Power / electricity generation
  • Electric motors (diesel electric)
  • Voyages

All this leads to an increase of crew awareness in regards of fuel oil consumption and efficiencies.

Fuel and cost savings of 10% and more have been reported by our customers after implementing our systems.


Several reports are generated automatically in CSV format and stored onboard. They can be opened in Excel or used as input in analysis software. Available reports are:

  • Log files
  • Daily reports
  • Voyage reports
  • Voyage update / progress
  • Fuel oil change over reports

The reports can be accessed by any ships computer connected to the ships Ethernet. Ships officers can use these for making reports or can be send to the shore office(s)

All available data can also be retrieved from the systems by MODBUS over Ethernet for use by other management software.


The product line is complemented with a powerful online analysis tool. Data is automatically send ashore via e-mail.

The information, reports and analysis tools can be accessed with any electronic device with internet connection. Some of the features are:

  • fleet performance overview
  • performance comparison
  • analysis of ship performance and efficiencies
  • Trend analysis with predictions
    • hull / propeller fouling
    • engine performance
    • auxiliary engine performance
  •  Voyage planning, advise most economical speed settings and expected fuel oil consumptions and costs, based on historical performance
  • Sailing profiles individual ships, classes and fleet.(input for newbuilding projects)
  • SEEMP / CO2 reporting


 Our resource for cost effective solutions that will help you to achieve:

  • reduction of emissions
  • improved fuel efficiencies
  • increased profits
  • compliance with IMO regulations

Additional savings due to:

  • Improved communications between the departments: operations – ship – technical
  • Improved prediction for major ship maintenance
  • Bench marking between same ships
  • Comparison of various crews and corrective actions to improve operational behavior
  • Strategic marketing image for being “Green”
  • Sustainable shipping operations




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