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The Rigid Buoyancy Boat (RBB) is standard available in three lengths and has different propulsion and outfitting options. The Tideman RBB is unique in its ruggedness, extreme low operational cost and its maximum availability.

HDPE Rigid Buoyancy Boat concept basics

  • An indestructible Rigid Buoyancy Boat (RBB) made from welded HDPE sheets.
  • Transportable in a 40’ container and road trailer
  • Storage in a 40’HC or on a deck cradle
  • Little or no maintenance
  • CSR: Recyclable material, low carbon footprint, no anti-fouling
  • Lowest operational cost
  • Highest availability


User benefits of HDPE

  • Shock absorbing – extremely high impact resistance.
  • Completely inert to chemicals and fuel.
  • Black HDPE has a very high UV resistance.
  • Cannot corrode or degenerate in water.
  • Very low marine growth to hull, without use of toxins or other additions
  • Very easy to repair.
  • Very low radar signature.
  • Self-healing capabilities when shot at.
  • Low carbon footprint and 100% recyclable


Hull set-up

  • PE floatation balls in its buoyancy chambers: separate engine room, collision bulkhead.
  • Rigid hull with open stern made of HDPE plate thickness 15, 20 and 40mm.
  • Hull color only in black (UV resistant)
  • Open plan layout, bow lockers
  • Aluminum steering console, seat mounts, and engine room hatch, powder coated in any color as you require
  • Optional Ullman suspension seats
  • An internal aluminum frame will support the diesel engine, water jet, and hull.
  • Outboard engine well with reinforcements inside
  • 4 very robust lifting eyes will create opportunity to hoist the boat using lifting slings
  • Anti-slip deck
  • The gunwale and bow have anti slip tape for safe access.
  • Optional handrail at bow for safe boarding
  • White reflection signal markers all around, optional

Equipment & Outfitting

  • Removable PU foam fenders all around, with special push bow section
  • Removable 200 or 500 L fuel tanks.
  • One automatic bilge pump.
  • Switch panel.
  • Battery switches.
  • LED navigation lights.
  • 6 bollards on gunwale.   












Toughest Workboats on Earth!

Even a sledgehammer doesn't do any damage!








Tideman powerboat in the blockbuster movie 

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